Want to be happy?  There are millions of things that can make you happy if you choose to be happy but maybe today you need some prompting.  Select 2 or 3 of the 20 suggestions below and take yourself from down to up in an instant.  Just thinking about it will boost your mood for sure.

  1. Take 5 deep breaths
    When feeling less than happy, take a few deep breaths for an excellent way to calm yourself down and bring yourself back to your centre. Be very aware of your breathing and take it slow and thoughtfully and enjoy the sensation.
  2. Read  – preferably a self-help book
    When you want to feel happier, take in some happy inspirational words. Have some inspirational books and other self-help material close by so you can read whenever you get a chance.
  3. Give your pet a snuggle
    Let your pet relieve your anxiety and reduce your stress levels.   Spend some time giving your pet a good pat and have a little friendly chat if you feel in the mood.  It will make them just as happy as it will you.
  4. Have a peaceful drink of herbal tea
    A cup of herbal tea is a simple thing but will create peace in your heart if you pour yourself a cup and take time to sit and enjoy the warmth, aroma and taste as you concentrate on just the enjoyment of the tea.
  5. Take a walk and enjoy the wonders of nature
    Put some comfy shoes on and step out into the fresh air and just let your senses enjoy the wonders of our natural world.  Enjoy the smells.  Enjoy the sights.  Enjoy the sounds. Just enjoy!!
  6. Contact a good friend
    Use the phone or go to visit a good friend because personal connections are vitally important to our well-being.  Take a time to touch base with somebody who gives you joy and enjoy the interaction.
  7. Thank somebody with a personalised thank you card
    Feel good by making somebody else feel appreciated.  Send a handwritten note to a person you wish to genuinely thank for some small or big help they have given you.
  8. Appreciate the view out the window
    There is so much outside and realising that there are things in the world that should be appreciated if you would just stop to think about how happy it makes you.  Find one small thing you can see through the window and let it brighten your day.  So much better if the window you get to look through has a view of the magnificence of Mother Nature.
  9. Be grateful for something
    There is always, always, always something to be grateful for.  Even when your mood is far from feelings of gratitude, just concentrate and you will find a list of things you must be grateful for.  Someone is always, always, always in a worse place than you and you just need to remind yourself.  When things are getting you down, it’s easy to focus on the negative so gratitude will give you back control as you focus on some positives for which you are grateful.  Stop at 3 if that’s as far as you can go or just keep going until  you exhaust yourself.
  10. Read some inspirational quotes
    What is going on in your mind is dictating your situation so be happy by reading some inspiring thoughts of others.  Our thoughts are vitally important and directing them to the positive by taking in the words of others can totally change your mood.   Find your favourite places for inspirational quotes on Facebook or Google will direct you nicely to some inspiration.  Take a few minutes to contemplate the power and meaning and how it applies in your life of a few of those meaningful quotes and allow yourself all the happiness they can bring you.
  11. Appreciate the Smells around you 
    Find some joy in the scents of your food, your garden, a bottle of perfume.   Perhaps light a scented candle or mist some essential oil. Allow yourself to appreciate the aromas around you and be happy with the experience.
  12. Have fun looking through old photos
    Allow yourself some pleasant memories by rummaging through some old photos as a way to create some happy feelings as you remember the joys.   You can check out your albums on Facebook or pull out your old photos from wherever they are gathering dust.  Spend some happy time looking through to find your favourite things to remember.
  13. Listen to some music you love
    How can you fail to be happy when you allow the sounds of your favourite songs to wash through you mind and let the music speak to your heart and stir up some emotions?   Have some of your most inspiring songs easy to find and play whenever the mood strikes you.
  14. Be inspired by watching a TED Talk
    Take time to find and watch an inspirational TED talk about something that appeals to your sense of happiness. Save some of your favourites to watch again or find something new to light up your senses.
  15. Dress up to feel great
    Whatever it is that you wear to feel great and honour what you love should be put on to boost your spirits.  Dress up or down in a way that makes you happy and then …. be happy.
  16. Enjoy massaging your own hands
    A little self-pampering in the form of a hand massage can work wonders to make you happy.  Sometimes it is nice to stop and just enjoy the touch and feel of your own hands.
  17. Meditate
    Taking time out to meditate and quiet your mind has a calming effect that feels wonderful and gives your mind and body some peace and tranquility and at times allows some revelations to come from your unconscious mind. If you are new to meditation, Google will happily find you some guided-meditations spoken by someone with a voice that brings you joy.
  18. Buy yourself some flowers
    Invest in a gift for yourself to bring joy as you receive a gift from someone very special and get to appreciate the colour and beauty of the blooms selected just for you.
  19. Prepare something deliciously nourishing to eat
    Find yourself some joy in preparing and eating some delicious and nourishing food. Looking after your body will make you feel great.
  20. Brighten your world with something colourful
    Colour in a colouring book, do a colourful drawing or doodle with multi-coloured pens or textas.   Be creative and feel the joy.