Project Description

With all the masses of information on health and issues associated with weight gain or weight loss that is now available to us on the internet and people everywhere are telling us about the “best” diets and exercise programmes available, how come it is so hard to be happy with our bodies and how come there are so many peopole frustrated and angry with themselves for “failing” to be the size and weight they believe they should be?

We all know how difficult it is to reduce weight and how easy it is to put it back on and probably gain a little more in the process.  It seems that 95% of people who lose weight on a diet, regain it back within 2 years with more weight gained than was initially lost.  Research consistently reports that “dieting” is more of a predictor of weight gain than weight loss.  This shows that diets not only fail but might perhaps be linked to the increasing incidence of obesity.

At JCB Health Solutions, we are passionate about helping you get off merry-go-round of dieting by working on the mindset which will help you to develop a healthy relationship with food, exercise and learning to accept and love your body.

More importantly, we want you to get on with being healthy so you can enjoy all the important things in life.