Project Description

You know it isn’t good for your health, don’t you?  You know smoking reduces your life expectancy by an average of 14 years, don’t you?  You know you should quit for lots of reasons, don’t you?  You know you’ve tried before and haven’t succeeded, don’t you?   You know you think cannot quit, don’t you?

Cigarette smoking has become somewhat socially unacceptable with all the knowledge we now have on the health impacts of smoking and I could go on about passive smoking and the cost of cigarettes but you already know all that, don’t you?

You want to give up the habit.   You want to be rid of the ghastly smell (even if  you are so used to it you aren’t the one complaining).  You want to not smoke around your kids.  You want to put the money you spend on cigarettes to a much better use.  You want to QUIT.

John Burton is dedicated to help you get what you want.  Check out if you want to check his methods out or give him a call on 1300 278 486.